Zona Labrador Pups with a Purpose.  Dogs who help individuals live fuller and happier lives giving them Independence and changing lives forever. Service dog puppies are professionally evaluated and selected based on their genetic stability, environmental confidence, food and toy drives, natural retrieve and hold and their nose work aptitude.   All puppies begin training by 6 to 7 weeks of age. They start learning about exposure, proper socialization, engagement, shaping and more. Then each puppy is matched with a handler based on his/her individual needs. We work with each individual family to meet specific needs and have many options to get you matched up with the perfect program needed for you or your loved one.  Changing lives one puppy at a time.

Zona Labradors is proud to be partnered with Dogology Contemporary Canine Services for all of your training needs. They train both handlers and dogs for your individual requirements and needs. They adhere strictly to the ADA Rules and Regulations. We travel across the US to deliver puppies, dogs and the aid you in all of your training needs. We can also pair you with a trusted professional trainer in your area post purchase.

-Medical Alert ​Assist a wide range of disabilities and life threatening conditions. These dogs help to avoid potentially dangerous situations

-Mobility​Assist in a wide variety of tasks for individuals with mobility issues

-PTSD​ Providing constant support to ease and manage symptoms such as: Panic Attacks, Depression, Flashbacks, Irritability, Anxiety, Nightmares, Uneasiness out and about, Suicidal thoughts. PTSD is not only Military Veterans but Police and other Emergency Personnel ect. . .

-Emotional Support   Provides comfort and aids with emotional or psychiatric condition.

-Therapy ​Specially trained to visit and provide emotional support to people in hospitals, nursing homes, schools etc. Therapy dog teams work together to bring joy to others.

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