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Our story…   We have been loving and raising Labradors since 1989. We are in Tempe, Arizona centrally located not far from Sky Harbor Airport. We are proud to be a Hobby Breeder of English Labrador Puppies and breed for the love of the breed with Health and Temperament being our Top Priority. We breed only a few litters a year producing blocky/stocky English Style Labrador puppies. All of our dogs and puppies are house dogs and considered to be a part of our family. Because of their wonderful temperament we feel Labs should NOT be solely kept as outside dogs. Labs need to be as close to their humans as possible whether they are sleeping at the foot of the bed or couch, being feet warmers they will always be close by, Lifelong Companions That Steal Your Heart!

All of our puppies come from adults with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) hip and elbow clearances, CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) eye clearances. As well as have grandparents and many generations that are also certified. As all responsible Labrador breeders, we strive to place each of our Labrador puppies with loving families as pets, companions and family members with limited registration.

Our Labs are regular visitors of nursing homes and schools. The dogs as well as myself get great joy in bringing happiness to the day of anyone that needs it. Many of our offspring are therapy dogs which now live with their new loving families doing the thing that they do and help others.

The socialization a puppy receives during its first 12 weeks has a huge impact on its disposition. Our puppies are born right here in our house where each of the puppies from birth receive the care, socialization and spoiling they need to be happy and well adjusted when we send them home with their new loving family.

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Lifelong companions that steal your heart.